Adding New Label

After the installation has finished, the full functionality of the add-on is available for the usage. The first step is adding a new label to a pull request. An applied label can help you to quickly identify a scope of pull requests on a page.

If you are not familiar with labels names yet, read the Examples page.

Follow the recommendations to add a new label: 

  1. On Bitbucket, go to the Pull Requests page on the navigation panel on the left of a repository.

  2. Click on a pull request to see an overview. There is the Labels section on the right.

  3. Click on a pencil icon on the right to activate the input mode.

    The input field appears next:

  4. Click on the Add Label field:

    Enter a new label and click on it for adding to the pull request:

    A new label appears on the labels section next to the pull request. A color is applied to a label randomly.

Further Reading #

Go to Customizing Labels to know how to change color of a label.

See how to filter labels on the Filtering Pull Requests by Label page.