Filtering Pull Requests by Label

On Bitbucket, you can filter pull requests by a particular label which already exists in the repository. You will get an immediate search result directly from a pull requests page. 

Filtering by the Labels can help you to find all pull requests which:

  • are in a priority, 
  • are not reviewed yet,
  • relate to a programming language,
  • need comments,  
  • contain a bug,
  • relate to tests,
  • relate to either front-end or back-end, 
  • contain a new feature, 
  • relate to a database etc.

Use the following recommendations to filter pull requests in a repository:

  1. Go to a repository → the Pull Requests page and click on the Label icon.

You will see the drop-menu with the list of existing labels in a repository.

  1. Type the name of a label in the input field for an efficient search or select the label from the list.

The result appears next. It contains a list of pull requests with the applied label. 

Further Reading #

Follow the Examples page to learn more about best practice for labels names and colors.